City Centers

City Centers

Reaching out to Members on a Local Level

What is a City Center?

A City Center is a group of Members in a city who organizes and delivers programs of interest to local members. A Chapter member may attend any program offered by any City Center or Campus Center. The City Center Task Force recommends a guideline of 10 or more members that exist in the same population center in order to form a City Center. However, the task force recognizes that it is the commitment and level of interest of the members that is most important.

How Does a City Center Work?

The Chapter Board acts as an umbrella administrative group for a City Center, which is subject to the bylaws, policies and procedures of the Chapter. All major decisions must go through the Chapter’s Board of Director for approval. A City Center needs to prepare an annual budget for programs and events for approval by the Chapter Board and inclusion in the Chapter budget.

Where more than one population center containing IIDA members exists within a Chapter and City Centers are formed, all centers become City Centers, including what may have been the primary location within the Chapter.

IIDA North Florida City Centers


Kaitlin Wishall

Jacksonville City Center Director

Phone: 252-908-3519


Laura MacFarlane

Tallahassee City Center Director

Phone: 850-224-6301

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