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Announcing: Cocktail Couture 2014!

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For the last 11 years, the IIDA North Florida chapter has led this event in raising over $75,000 for
Dignity U Wear, who help thousands of people nationwide.

Event Details:

April 16th, 2014
5:30pm Check-in
6:00pm – 10:00pm
The Garden Club of Jacksonville
1005 Riverside Ave.
Attire: “Garden Glam”
Music by Goliath

Ticket Pricing

$45 Regular Price (advanced purchase online)
$25 IIDA Members (advanced purchase online)
$10 Student (advanced purchase online)
$50 At the Door

This year’s 11th annual Cocktail Couture is sponsored by:

Couture Sponsor:

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In Kind Sponsors:

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Runway Sponsors:

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Garment Team Guidelines

Garment Teams can be no more than (4) designers and ONE Product Manufacturer/Sponsor. (Multiline Brand Sponsors will be limited to use of 4 materials; all brands/materials must be identified in submission). There can be multiple teams from a single firm.

Teams will design and fabricate a garment suitable* to be modeled on a runway.
The garment MUST BE DESIGNED and CONSTRUCTED by the garment team. (Professional costume designers are not allowed)
The exterior of the ensemble (all parts showing) must be at least (eighty-five 85%) of the Sponsored Materials. Detailed list of manufacture’s materials must be provided.
*Suitable: This does NOT include partial nudity, fire, children under the age of 18, animals

Sponsor Guidelines

A sponsor can be any person/company that is a supplier of design industry resources.

Sponsors are responsible for supplying materials used to create garment. See Garment Team Guidelines for garment requirements.
It is the responsibility of the sponsor to arrange all required design materials be available and delivered to Garment Team with ample time to complete garment.
Model Guidelines

All Design Firms are encouraged to use Design community for models.

Each team is responsible for selecting their model*. ONE model allowed per garment team.
Models must be assigned with GARMENT ENTRY submission. Please provide model’s name.
ONLY Two team members may be present backstage to prepare model for runway. This will be enforced due to the limited backstage space. Preparation before arriving at the venue is encouraged.
All Team Members will need tickets to the event upon arrival to the VENUE. Team members without tickets will not be allowed to enter venue under any circumstances.
An itinerary will be distributed one (1) week prior to event for all participants, outlining model arrival times, rehearsal, hair, make-up, show-time, etc. to allow for early preparation. (Hair to be provided by IIDA)
*Models must be at least 18 years old.

Garment Submission

1. Team Registration Form & Commitment Form: Due January 17

2. Sketch: Due March 18 to

Provide a conceptual sketch of the garment to be used in promotional materials for the event. Sketch must be presented as a hi-resolution .psd, .eps, .jpg, or .pdf

3. Concept: Due March 18 to

Provide a short paragraph/concept statement about the garment in 150 words or less. Describe the concept of the outfit, materials used, etc. This will appear in the show program as well as on a projection screen during the runway show.

4. Logos: March 4 to

Provide company logos for manufacturer/sponsor to be included in promotional materials. Logos must be submitted in hi-resolution .psd, .eps, .jpg or .pdf.

5. Music: To be provided by event DJ. Team does not select their runway music.


January 23 Team Match Party at CI Group 5:30pm 1660 Prudential Drive, Suite 103 Jacksonville, FL 32207 (904) 365-4200

March 4 Deadline for Sponsor/Manufacturer logo’s

March 18 Deadline for Concept, Sketch, & Model’s Name

WEEK OF APRIL 7TH TBD: Mandatory Rehearsal Meeting at The Garden Club of Jacksonville

April 16 11th Annual Cocktail Couture


Lacey Keen at


An Organic Experience:

Organic: of or relating to an organism, a living entity

Teams will use unconventional material resources from manufacturers in the commercial furnishings industry to represent the organic concept in a garment that can walk the runway.   Some organisms are delicate and beautiful; some operate in a parasitic or destructive role.  Find your inspiration (whether good or evil) and showcase your abilities as a designer/student/artist to recycle, reinvent and bring forth a show worthy creation!

Provided materials may include: fabric, mesh, wood, paper, fibers, foam, tile, metal parts, electric parts, marketing materials, stone, other solid surface, furniture parts etc.

The exterior of the ensemble (all parts showing) must be at least (eighty-five 85%) of the Sponsored Materials.  Detailed list of manufacture’s materials must be provided.


Best Use of Materials Award:

The materials are used in an unexpected or unique way to construct or embellish the garment

Ready To Wear Award:

The ensemble is designed to walk off the runway onto the street and will fit into modern day fashion

Judge’s Choice Award:

Rate how well the team incorporated the theme of “An Organic Experience” and how well the team executed their written concept in the final design

The Garden of Good Award:

Rate how well the garment embodies the delicate and beautiful nature of a living organism

The Garden of Evil Award:

Rate how well the garment embodies the parasitic or destructive nature of a living organism

People’s Choice Award:

Attendees vote for their favorite design

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